Delicious Meal You Can Create In A Microwave Pressure Cooker


Microwave pressure cookers have one great benefit to them. They are completely mobile. You can load it into your car and be ready to create any pressure cooked meal anywhere in the worlds long as there is a microwave nearby. A microwave cooker is the perfect addition for a holiday trip because you can add a little bit of variety by creating a cooked meal instead of the usual BBQ meal. These cookers are extremely lightweight and can be stored easily. The best microwave pressure cookers can also double as a casserole so you can keep meal cool in the refrigerator.

Why microwave pressure cookers work so well

Microwave transfers energy into radio waves that penetrate food on a molecular level which causes extremely quick food preparation times. The problem with preparing food in microwaves arises when a microwave will start burning one end of your food while the other is still rare. A pressure cooker will prevent this because your food is concealed in water that boils it until done. Where ordinary microwave wear will pop open under the pressure of cooking, microwave pressure cookers stays secure, thus allowing you to cook your food under pressure and keep your microwave clean. Pressure cooked food gets done a lot quicker than ordinary cooked meal and with the transportability of these cookers you could prepare meal anywhere at ease.

Meal you can prepare with a microwave pressure cooker

Microwave pressure cookers are relatively new to the market, but pressure cooking itself goes back for centuries. There are thousands of meal that you can prepare in a pressure cooker and microwave cookers are no different.

Lasagna& Pasta – Lasagna is probably the last thing you would consider when you are planning your evening’s meal in a microwave. Pressure cooked lasagna is delicious and easy to prepare. With your cooker, you can prepare just about any type of pasta for any meal.

Soup – The possibilities for creating fantastic soup that will keep everyone warmed up this winter are endless. You can create just about any soup such as chicken soup, chicken noodle soup, caldotlalpeno soup, butternut soup, beef soup or bean soup.

Stews – Making beef stew in your microwave becomes a breeze when using a microwave pressure cooker. You can also create wonderful pork and chicken stews or perhaps a plain veggie stew in far less time than any other cooking method.

Rice & grains – Make perfectly fluffy rice or grain foods in your microwave. The rice and grains come out perfectly feathery and cooked to perfection.

Salads – Potato and noodle salads are super easy with the use of these cookers. The food gets cooked much quicker, which will give you a lot more time to get it cooled down for a quick salad.

Cake – Microwave cake has a tendency to come out rather dry, but when cooked in a microwave cooker, the cakes comes out much smoother. You can cook just about any cake such as cheese cakes, chocolate cakes or coffee cakes.

Dessert – Rice pudding, golden syrup dumplings and corn pudding are especially tasty when cooked in a microwave pressure cooker. With the cooker you will never get stuck with a pudding that is crispy on the outside and raw on the inside. The puddings are steam cooked to perfection.