Custom Waffle Irons Can Really Make Breakfast Fun


For more than seven centuries people have been eating waffles. Born from an idea for making communion wafers, the waffle iron soon became a creation that allowed for amazing little breakfast cakes to be made and enjoyed. Since then hundreds of millions of people have enjoyed this breakfast treat, making it one of the most popular foods of all time.

What has added to the enjoyment of this meal is that many companies have added specialty plates to the waffle iron so that a person can not only enjoy the taste but the look of their waffles even more.

You can look around at the various websites devoted to waffle irons, such as, and you will see that there are many great, quality devices out there that you can use. It is amazing all the different kinds of iron plates you can get today.

If one takes a close look, it is easy to see that the simple square or round waffle iron is moving the direction of the dinosaur. Unless you are an older person or run a restaurant, there simply is not as big of a market for the traditional waffle iron look that there once was. Now people want a clever or nostalgic waffle iron that can make their favorite breakfast treat one to truly be enjoyed.

Waffle irons have taken on a very interesting look. One of the first specialty plates to appear was the heart. This was a waffle iron with five sections that each made a small heart. This became a perfect introduction to the market because so many wanted to serve waffles as a kind of “I Love You” breakfast or to say that they were sorry for some silly thing they had done. Covered in maple syrup and whipped cream, it became apparent that nothing said that one person loved another better than a heart-shaped waffle.

From there the market boomed. Soon Disney had a waffle iron of Mickey Mouse so the kids could enjoy their favorite cartoon character as part of their breakfast. Winnie the Pooh soon followed, as did other cartoon characters.

The craze did not end there. It was not long before the science fiction genre was jumping out of the pan and into the waffle iron market. Star Wars was one of the first to really get into the waffle iron business, making Darth Vader, Hans Solo, Wookie, Storm Trooper, and Luke Skywalker waffle irons.

Not long after that other movies and television shows joined the fray. There was Cylone waffle irons from BattlestarGallactica, Enterprise Ships from Star Trek, and zombies from the Walking Dead. It did not take long for everyone to want into this market.

Now you can find specialty waffle irons for virtually any occasion. Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, the 4th of July, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween are just a few of the many specialty day plates that one can find. There are also plates that can be found for birthdays and anniversaries. It is really crazy.

Movies and television shows of all types are finding their way onto a waffle iron plate. You can now get many of your favorite characters, especially for cartoon characters.

The market is becoming wide open, and it may not be long until you can have specialty plates made that will be of your own face or someone you love.