How Do You Rank In Search Engine Result Pages?


Newcomers to the Internet and new website owners often do not grasp how they are found online among millions of other websites and how imperative it is to rank high in SERPs. You need to be found and seen by the prospective client out of millions and most people do not know the technicalities and expertise behind ranking well. AroMedia stays abreast of all guidelines, rules, and regulations that are in place by search engine, with Google the most important.

We have the expertise and experience to make sure your website’s ranking is good. We do this during the development and designing process. We do the designing process, create social media accounts, set up Google accounts, identify the important primary keywords, and make sure it is SEO friendly. Meta data is made page-relevant that Google and search engines clearly see the relation between content and Meta’s used.

How We Set Up Your Ranking

  1. The most important step in SERPs ranking starts with website design. A website must be user-friendly, easy to navigate, visually attractive and innovative.
  2. Responsive web design and compatibility across all browsers are a top step to take. A web developer must develop websites in today’s myriad of internet browsers that continuously change, to appear perfectly regardless of screen sizes and resolutions. This is not only important factors for your potential clients, but Google takes a serious look at how your website will rank when gauging your compatibility.
  3. Navigation and home page is also very important, as your website needs links on your home page that takes them to pages with the strongest and the best content. This is where user-friendliness plays a huge role as you can either have a navigation menu on your home page or link directly from your home page.
  4. Meta data is something just as vital for search engine to find you and rank you accordingly. Meta data must be understood in order for it to be used effectively and acceptable for Google. Each page had a description of the title that must be descriptive and unique. Using the same Meta data across more than one page, is a waste of pages as Google will ran only one of those pages as it sees the other pages as duplicate content.
  5. Meta data keywords is also a vital step as the page heading, URL, Meta description and the Meta titles has to have variations of primary keywords of your website for every page.
  6. Keywords are something very important too and incorporated in such a manner that you are found when someone searches on Google or any search engine. Identifying the right keywords and determining the keywords that the direct competition is using is to see its relevance to your business. Grouping of the keywords is just as important as you need variations of a specific keyword.